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Food Farming

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Oats Grain

Oats Oats are the fourth largest grain crop produced in Australia. Oats almost never have their bran and germ removed in processing so most food products containing ‘oats’, ‘oat flour’ or ‘oatmeal’ as an ingredient contain wholegrain oats. Oats are naturally rich in beta-glucan – a soluble fibre found in the bran and endosperm layer of the oat grain. Beta-glucan has been shown to improve blood glucose control after a meal and improves insulin responses as well as decrease cholesterol levels. More recent research indicates oats contain avenanthramides – a unique phytochemical that has been shown to help protect blood vessels from the damaging effects of LDL-cholesterol.

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Teff Forming

Teff Teff is an annual cereal grass whose use can be traced back to around 3359 BC. It’s a staple crop and an important source of nutrition for over two-thirds of Ethiopians, but largely unknown in many Western countries. The grain is found in different colours, ranging from white, dark brown and red, and is a very fine grain – around the size of a poppy seed – so cooks more quickly than other grains. Teff is a hardy crop, able to withstand both waterlogged soils and drought, so is a dependable staple. Its small size makes it almost impossible to process, which means it is almost always found as a whole grain. Nutrition Information: Gluten free Contains high levels of calcium, phosphorus, iron, copper, aluminium, barium and thiamine Good source of essential fatty acids Good source of phytochemicals such as polyphenols and phytates High in resistant starch, which feed beneficial bacteria in the microbiome

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Red Lentils

Red Lentils and Split Red Lentils {masoor} Most common lentils that are easily available in many grocery stores. Similar to the mung beans the whole red lentils can be sprouted and then used in curries, soups, rice dishes and breakfast bowls. You can sauté them with some salt and pepper for a protein packed breakfast or snack. Split red lentils cook very fast and makes delicious daal.

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Raw Buckwheat

Buckwheat Not belonging to the Poaceae botanical family, buckwheat is not classified as a ‘true’ grain, but rather a ‘pseudo-cereal’. Its nutritional profile, nutty flavour, appearance and culinary applications have led it to be commonly referred to as a grain.

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Black Eyed Beans

Black Eyed Beans {Chawli or Lobia} These beans can be soaked and then cooked into delicious curries. These are our favorite beans for a weeknight curry. Soak them 5-6 hours before cooking or use your Instant Pot to cook them in under half an hour.

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Yellow Pigeon Peas

Yellow Pigeon Peas {Toor or Toovar Daal} I am pretty sure these come as whole beans too but I only buy these split and skinned. In Maharashtra, where I grew up Toor Daal is used to make the everyday dal. My favorite version of this is the spinach dal, made with lots of garlic, spinach and tomatoes! The South Indian bisi bele bhath using toor daal in Instant Pot comes out super authentic and tasty.

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Dew Gram Beans

Turkish/Dew Gram Beans {Matki or Moth Beans} These are my most favorite beans to make the traditional matkichi usal, which is a aromatic and super delicious curry made with sprouted turkish gram. They have nutty flavor with earthy smell. These also come in the split and de-skinned form but I haven’t tried them yet. Do try out my recipe for Misal pav using sprouted maki.

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Red Kidney Beans

Red Kidney Beans {Rajma} These are probably the most popular and common beans after the chickpeas and can be found in most grocery stores. These come canned and ready to use but I prefer buying the dry beans and soaking and then pressure cooking them similar to the other beans. These make amazing north indian curries, daal and can be used in salads.

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Black Gram Beans

Black Gram Beans, split black gram and split and skinned black gram {Urad} These are the small black beans similar in size as of the mung beans. They have a very earthy flavor and when cooked comes out a little sticky, which makes them a perfect lentil for making the popular and flavorful daal makhani! These lentils are widely used in India for making papadums. It is one of the main lentils used in South Indian cooking make idli’s and dosas. My favorite dish using road dal are the no-fry dahivada’s or Dahi Bhalla!

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Chana Dal

Split Bengal Gram {Chana Daal} These like the yellow pigeon peas I always buy as split and de-skinned. Though lentils make delicious daals and other dishes, my favorite way to use them are in making the authentic puran poli’s.

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Whole Wheat

Wheat Wheat is the most widely cultivated cereal crop in the world, with Australia being the eighth largest producer and fourth largest exporter of wheat in the world. Wheat has come to be a firm favourite grain because of the diversity it provides in culinary applications.

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Corn Granules

Corn Corn (also known as maize), is one of the sweetest tasting grains. In its immature form it is the familiar yellow corn on the cob. When it matures and dries out it is used like other grains to make grain foods like breakfast cereal and tortillas.

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Rye Grain

Rye Rye came into cultivation later than wheat, barley and oats and was not known to the ancient Egyptians and Greeks. It was the main grain used for bread-making in Northern Europe and Russia for many centuries. This is partly because it grows well in colder, harsher climates and partly because it was preferred by some people.

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Amaranth Grain

Amaranth Amaranth is not a ‘true’ grain, but classified as a ‘pseudo-cereal’, as it’s not part of the Poaceae botanical family. However it is listed with other grains as its nutritional profile and uses are similar to ‘true’ cereal grains. Thanks to the lively, peppery taste of amaranth and the higher level of protein it contains compared to most other grains, amaranth is today rising in popularity. Amaranth is not grown in large quantities in Australia so most amaranth is imported.

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White Rice

Price: 85 INR

Rice is the seed of the grass species Oryza sativa (Asian rice)

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Neem Chew Stick

Chewstick. A teeth-cleaning twig (in India: datun[1]) is a tool made from a twig from a tree. It can help to prevent tooth decay and gum disease

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Industrial Paper

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Ground Nut

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